• Kopiere innhold til utklippstavle
children? ReactNode
Button text
copyText string
Text to be copied to clipboard
popoverText string
Description of text. Example: "Kopierte personnummer til clipboard"
popoverPlacement?"top" | "bottom" | "right" | "left" | "top-start" | "top-end" | "bottom-start" | "bottom-end" | "right-start" | "right-end" | "left-start" | "left-end"
Allows extending popover properties like "placement"
Copy button title attribute
variant? "tertiary"
Components i tertiary by default. Will be removed in v2.0.0 @breaking v2
size?"medium" | "small" | "xsmall"
Changes padding, height and font-size
disabled? boolean
Prevent the user from interacting with the button: it cannot be pressed or focused. @note Avoid using if possible for accessibility purposes
icon? ReactNode
Button Icon
iconPosition?"right" | "left"
Icon position in Button
className? string
ref? Ref<HTMLButtonElement>
CopyToClipboard extends HTMLButtonElement