maxLength? number
Allowed character-count for content @note This is just a visual validator, you need to set actual character-limits if needed
value? string
Controlled value
defaultValue? string
Defaults input-value without needing controlled-state
maxRows? number
Maximum number of character rows to display. @bug Internal scrolling with `maxLength` scrolls over maxLength-text
minRows? number
Minimum number of character-rows to display when empty.
label ReactNode
Textarea label
hideLabel? boolean
If enabled shows the label and description for screenreaders only
resize? boolean
Enables resizing of field
error? ReactNode
Error message for element
errorId? string
Override internal errorId
size? "medium" | "small"
Changes font-size, padding and gaps
disabled? boolean
Disables element @note Avoid using if possible for accessibility purposes
description? ReactNode
Adds a description to extend labling of a field
id? string
Override internal id
className? string
ref? Ref<HTMLTextAreaElement>
Textarea extends HTMLTextAreaElement