children ReactNode
Modal content
open boolean
Open state for modal
onClose () => void
Callback for modal wanting to close
If modal should close on overlay click (click outside Modal)
className? string
User defined classname for modal
Removes close-button(X) when false
style? Styles
Allows custom styling of ReactModal, in accordance with their typing
parentSelector? (() => HTMLElement)
Callback for setting parent element modal will attach to
aria-labelledby? string
aria-describedby? string
aria-modal? boolean
aria-label? string
Sets aria-label on modal @warning This should be set if not using 'aria-labelledby' or 'aria-describedby'
ref? Ref<ReactModal>
Modal extends ReactModal
children ReactNode
Modal.Content content
className? string
ref? Ref<HTMLDivElement>
Modal.Content extends HTMLDivElement